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Things I have learned...

Discussion started by JudithA 5 years ago

I learned to engage the edges of my design.  Instead of putting the entire or flower in the drawing, I put most of them in the drawing, looking in.  I don't understand why this works, but it does.  

I learned about the rule of thirds. I would have liked the eyes of my peacock to be at where the third lines joined, but at least the bird's chest is at that juncture. Maybe that is better. It makes a statement about the peacock's personality to me.  I would not want to meet that bird. 

I learned to apply gutta on fabric.  This sounds simple, but I have never seen anyone use gutta, so I appreciated Lea actually demonstrating this. 

I learned that it is challenging to apply a consistently even line of gutta. My hat is off to batik artists. 

I learned that I like the technique Lea demonstrated of applying water inside the gutta lines first. It makes the paint flow more evenly. 

I learned to be very careful painting next to the gutta lines.  In a few places my brush painted over the line and created a bleed outside the line. 

Where I had areas that bled or I didn't like, I learned that I could let the paint dry, and then paint over it with regular acrylic textile paint.  It is a little thicker in those areas, but I would rather have thick paint than ugly spots.

I learned that I could use the Dyna-Flow much like watercolor paint.  I used the water I was cleaning my brushes with to paint a grayed wash over the background, and then painted the trees on top of the wash. 


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Yes, thank you, Judith. I must remember that learning is the point!
5 years ago
Thanks for all the extra tidbits of how you made things work for you. I'm very new to using gutta and I realize this is one of those areas where improvement will come with practice.
5 years ago

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