Feb and 140 A pieces - and what my Mom suggested

Discussion started by donnamc 6 years ago

When I read the Cutting Instructions for Feb to cut 140 1 1/2" squares "using the scraps you saved from last month" I groaned.

What scraps I thought?

And 140 tiny squares?

And then my Mom gave me a tip - first build strata and then cut them down from there.  Of Course!

We had 23 colors in the A's last month so I added one more color.

We need 34 squares on each side and 36 squares top and bottom.

So I cut a 9.5" strip of each at 1 1/2" wide, sewed 12 together and trimmed into 6 strips of 1.5".

Then did the same with the other 12 colors.

For the top and bottom I just joined 2 of the first set with 1 from the second.

And for the sides I just removed one square from one the strips. 

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Of course! Yay for your mom and for you! Definitely doing this with strata and I would probably not have thought of it on my own. Thank you!
6 years ago
After dealing with so many 1-1/2" squares for the first border of squares, I came to the same conclusion as your Mom ... and sewed 1-1/2" strips together. Much easier than dealing with individual squares. Looking ahead at the completed quilt top ... there are at least two more instances that call for a row of blocks. Yikes!
6 years ago

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