Charcoal #23 - want to set aside binding

Discussion started by donnamc 5 years ago

Would it be possible to get the cutting instructions for the border strip and binding that Charcoal #23 is to be used for so we can cut it now and set it aside?

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I think you are right on with the binding. I would add a little more just in case you might want to make it on the biais, then you could have a little waste there.

As for the border strip, I think it is 1" wide too. I was able to design most of the quilt in EQ7, with the center block being 18", nine-patches are 3", the bigger blocks are all designed with thirds, so I hope they are 9" or else!, with that border made with 1" squares, this leaves probably 5" for the vine appliqué background, 9" for the top and bottom appliqué border (heart and fence) and 4" for the last border with flying geese. I get the size of the quilt at the charcoal border to be 56" x 76", so this would mean (56+76) x 2 = 264 plus the seam allowances. I agree with your calculations of 7 strips X 1-1/2 wide.

Renata's calculations are accurate, I would add a few inches more, just in case....
5 years ago
I don't know whether you'll get a response on this but this is how I would go about figuring it out.

Since we know the dimensions of the quilt are 64"x84", you can calculate the length of the binding strip to be 296" plus an extra 12", which would give you 308". To figure out the number of strips you would need, assuming the average fabric is 40" wide, divide 308 by 40. That gives you 7.7. Round it up, you need 8 strips to make your binding. Multiply your number of strips (8) by the width of the binding (I like a 2 1/4" binding), so in my case that would be 18" of fabric that I would have to set aside for the binding.

It's hard to tell the width of the border strip, but if you look closely at the applique blocks surrounding the quilt, they appear to be roughly equivalent to three sets of nine-patches in the first border. We know those are 3" blocks, so the bigger squares are likely 9" blocks. You can then roughly calculate that the border strip is going to be 54" x 2 = 108 for the horizontal strips and 72" + 2" (for the mini piano key strips) multiplied by the two vertical borders, which gives you 148". Add the two vertical borders and the two horizontal borders, you get 108+148=256. So you need 256", divided by 40 gives you 6.4 strips, rounded up to 7 strips. On the ASSUMPTION that your border is 1", each strip needs to be 1 1/2" wide, so you would need 7 strips x 1 1/2" = 10 1/2" of fabric for the border.

Between binding and border, that would come to a total of 28 1/2" of fabric to be set aside. You need to add a few inches to that number to square your fabric too.

I encourage someone to double check my calculations and I won't swear by what I just wrote but it seems to check out. If these calculations are correct, then that means that the final outer border is made up of 5" blocks. It seems to add up.

Hope this helps!
5 years ago

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