Earning money can be much easier via these amazing Android apps

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Have you ever known about earning money only by doing the survey or testing new apps? Here, we would like to give you some best applications to earn money this way. 

Google Opinion Rewards 

Google Opinion Rewards is a free application on the Google Play store. After downloading and opening this app for the first time, Google will ask you to answer a few questions about yourself. Its purpose is to better understand your habits and interests. 

After answering all these questions, you will officially go to the main part of Google Rewards and can start using it right away. 

Google will often send you a survey once or more a week. Answer them, and you will receive the money you deserve. The price you receive for each survey depends on how important Google evaluates it. On average, you will receive 1 USD to your Google Play account.

In general, surveys are focused on collecting users’ feedbacks on Google's common issues, such as which logo is better, interesting things, where do you want to travel or how regularly you use Google products, etc. 

In short, this is really a great way for you to easily make money without having to recharge your zero pocket. Answering surveys on Google Rewards takes only 1 to 2 minutes, so don't be afraid to try this App Apk Download For Android


For PiniOn, users can earn money by introducing beautiful shooting locations, giving opinions on Google services, brands, and products. The app provides quick and easy tasks so just stay focused and earn money. 

You can limit your tasks by address, join a specific task, or schedule certain tasks.

The mission in PiniOn for Android is easy to implement and does not take much time. Users can simply find them at shopping centers, cinemas, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, even at home. The application will pay for those who complete the assigned tasks.

In particular, the more you join this Android app download, the more new tasks you will unlock. That gives you the opportunity to increase your income. In addition, by improving the profile quality, users can access special tasks, only for those who achieve the highest level.

Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go is a simple money-making application, you just need to answer the survey and then, receive money. Unlike Google Opinion Rewards, this app pays cash for surveyors. However, it only has a few surveys in a particular month, so don't expect to get rich quick with this app. However, it can help you earn a few extra dollars for you to consume, drink a few beers without much effort.


AppCasher wants you to test its application, so you can make money by installing and launching applications. The money you receive will be converted into gift cards that can be used to buy items from Amazon or iTunes. Alternatively, you can choose to transfer the money to your PayPal account if you wish.

In the end, 

if you are using a smartphone and have lots of free time, simply download android apps without google play account and earn money right now! 

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