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Frequently Asked Questions for IMQE

Tuesday, 30 January 2018



One year ago we started the International Miniature Quilt Exchange and have now connected quilters all around the world with 330 teams! 

There have been a lot of questions and we have answers!

SIZE - The finished quilt can be no larger the 24” on any side. It can be no smaller than 18” on any side. It can be square or rectangle as long as it stays within the size criteria.

SLEEVE – Quilts accepted for exhibition will be required to have a 4” sleeve sewn to the top of the quilt back. Quilts not accepted for exhibition may or may not have a sleeve, but being that these are most likely display quilts, a sleeve would be appropriate to add - although not required.

LABEL– A label is required on all quilts with the Maker’s name, where the maker lives, month/year quilt was completed, and IMQE team number. Additional information is acceptable. 

ARTIST STATEMENT – Entries will require an artist statement of up to 250 words. It should include anything of interest particularly as it relates to the IMQE experience, the interaction or discoveries made between the team pair, and any other points of interest. The Artist Statement will be used as part of the evaluation for selecting quilts for exhibition.

QUILT PHOTOGRAPHY. Ricky Tims will share a video lesson with tips on photographing your quilt so it is presented in a quality photo that allows for the best evaluation. Poor photography will almost always result in a quilt not being selected even if the quilt is worthy of selection. The video will be available in early February. 

REGISTRATION - Online registration will be open in early March and close the first of April. The registration will ask for general information, your team number, an artist statement, and two digital photos (full and detail) of each quilt. An entry fee of $15.00 per quilt will be required for submission.

We are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful miniature quilts and sharing them with the TQS community.

Teams that are selected for the traveling exhibition will be notified in April. Selected quilts will then be sent to The Quilt Show to be prepared for exhibition. Quilts not selected should then be sent for exchange your team member. After the touring exhibition in 2019, the exhibition quilts will be sent by The Quilt Show to their final recipients. 


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