The IMQE Registration System is Available

Sunday, 11 March 2018

The IMQE Registration system ready for IMQE team members to enter their quilts and their stories for the first TQS International Miniature Quilt Exchange Exhibit.  You and your partner have until April 2, 2018 to enter for the IMQE Exhibit


  1. Get your Team number and TQS Name handy.
  2. Because we want to know about your IMQE experience, the connection you made with your teammate and some insight into your quilt, we suggest that you take time to write your artist statement (limit about 250 words, 1400 characters) in a text document. Then, when you go to register, you can simply copy and paste it into that field. The artist’s statements cannot be modified, once your entry is submitted. We can edit them for grammar, but it is important that you thoughtfully submit all the information about your quilt and IMQE experience when preparing your entry.
  3. Review the Photo class (link to the private class is here, password is photography) and make sure your pictures are the best they can be. Have the .jpg files of your full quilt and close up ready to upload.


Go to the site here. You will see IMQE Home, Why Enter?, Rules, Registration and Contact Us.

 IMQE Entry System


At the bottom of the Registration page “click here to enter.” You will need to enter your Team Number, Screen Name, Last Name, First Name, City, State/Province, Country and email address. 

When you select Enter,

you will be taken to the screen for the quilt details.

Quilt Entry for Show

 The next screen will be where you enter the pictures, Quilt Title, Size and Artist Statement.

  • Select your image file for the Full Image and the Detail Image. Please note, it may take some time to upload the images, so please be patient.  When the upload is complete you will see the file name. Remember the file must be a .jpg or it will not load.
  • Enter the Quilt Title and Size.
  • The Artist Statement can be cut and paste from another source. Note: Non-English speaking participants are urged to do their best to submit their artist statement in English. We understand the language barriers and therefore any grammar issues will be corrected and edited. The Artist Statement will be used as part of the evaluation for selecting quilts for exhibition.

 You and your partner have until April 2, 2018 to complete your entries and payment.  Once the entry is complete you are then ready to pay the IMQE Exhibit Entry fee.

 Entry Fee

Each team member will be asked for the Entry Fee of $15USD.  Once paid the IMQE Entry is complete!  The fee will appear on your bank statement as ARJJ, INC

 Team Submissions

Each team member must submit their own quilt for entry. The team number is what is used to pair the makers, their quilts and the artist statements. When both quilts are submitted, they will be paired together and considered as a single entry for consideration. Quilts are not selected for exhibition solely based on design and workmanship as is often typical of quilt shows.

The total IMQE experience of connecting quilters worldwide will play a role in the quilts that are selected.


What was my Team Number? 

My email or TQS name does not match your record, what happened?

Please email – we will respond as quickly as possible to get you registered.

 Notification for the IMQE Exhibit

 Teams that are selected for the traveling exhibition will be notified by May 1, 2018. Selected quilts will then be sent to The Quilt Show by the entrants to be prepared for exhibition. After the touring exhibition in 2019, the exhibition quilts will be sent by The Quilt Show to their final recipients. Quilts not selected should then be sent for exchange your team member.

 The quilts selected will be exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year as well as Quilt Festival in Chicago in 2019. The exhibit will also travel to a few other venues.

Available Files

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