This Wednesday's Textile Talk is all about "the intersection of fashion and art in The Fusion of Fiber Arts, Fashion, & Design" as explored by the Surface Design Associationwith featured guests Dong Kyu Kim and Leisa RichRegister today and watch when this episode airs this Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at 2 PM EDT.


From SAQA:


"Surface Design Association (SDA) explores the intersection of fashion and art in The Fusion of Fiber Arts, Fashion, & Design, a Textile Talk taking place on August 10, 2pm Eastern Time.


Fiber & mixed media artist Leisa Rich discusses how she transitioned from fiber artist to fashion designer in the 1980s, then to a professional career as a fiber/mixed media artist in the ’90s, which continues to the present. Her passion for fashion continues in her art practice today in the form of wearable art pieces, which she calls “body sculptures.”


Dong Kyu Kim explores how the fashion and art markets have embraced and merged since the Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration in 2017. Currently a Fashion Design Director at First Row and a practicing textile artist, he brings valuable insight into the current and future intersections of art, fashion, and design.


Both Rich and Kim have works selected for The Fusion of Fiber Arts, Fashion, & Design, SDA’s International Exhibition In Print - the focus of the Fall 2022 Surface Design Journal."


This Textile Talk takes place, Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Future installments are held online at 2 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Pacific) each Wednesday.


The video will be recorded and will be able to view later.


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