Transform Your Quilting 4, A Swimmingly Good Tribute Quilt, Alex's Appliqué Mistake Masking Trick, Hand Quilting 4, New From Lap App, Memory Match, A Puzzle Full of Light
Welcome to Wednesday - August 10, 2022
Forging Forward with Tip and Technique Four!

Today in Transform Your Quilting, we have a technique from Becky Goldsmith and a tip from Julie Cefalu.

From Show 611, Becky Goldsmith tells us the Benefits Of Using Peel & Stick Adhesive Laminate For More Accurate Appliqué Templates (technique) - Click on Chapter 3. It's appliqué the Piece O' Cake way.

Then we have another TQS favorite, Julie Cefalu, who gives us ideas about how to store our quilting projects (tip). Learn how an item you may already have at home is perfect for project storage.
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Featured Quilt - Just Keep Swimming

Shoals Quilt by Andrea Hardy and Fern Royce was part of the Susanne Woods Exhibit at Quiltcon 2022. "Susanne Woods was an early advocate for and leader of the MQG. Serving on the board of directors for six years, in addition to her full-time publishing career, Susanne's guidance was invaluable. Like so many quilters, Susanne's passing in 2020 left stacks of projects unfinished. This exhibit features many of those quilts, which were lovingly finished by members of the local guild started by Susanne. Discover this sliver of Susanne's legacy, and the stories of finishing the quilts from members of her guild."

As for the Shoals Quilt, it was made at the request of someone close to Susanne by Andrea and Fern as a way to honor her. Using fabrics picked from Susanne's stash in the colors of a sunset, and the Shoals quilt design from Nicholas Ball's book, Inspiring Improv, we're sure this loving tribute would delight Susanne.
Learn How Alex Eliminates Her Errors with Appliqué
Make That Mistake Go Away

At the top of our newest show, Alex shows Ricky a trick for masking an accident on a scrap quilt by stitching a finished appliqué over an existing block on the quilt. She then shows how to copy the original block and stitch it in place.

Learn from Alex, and Teresa Duryea Wong, by watching Improv String Quilts and a History of Japanese Textiles with Teresa Duryea Wong | Using Appliqué to Mask a Mistake.

Alex LIVE: Hand Quilting - Lesson 4
Marking Tools and Thimbles?

To be precise with your hand quilting it is a good idea to mark the quilt with your designs. How does Alex do this? Plus, hand quilting is hard on your fingers. Are there special thimbles you can use to ease the pain?

Alex is LIVE TODAY Wednesday, August 10, 2022 @ 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded so they can be viewed later.
New From Lap App - The Perfect Press Wool Mat
Two Great Products from Lap App

This 100% wool pressing mat is sized to fit perfectly right on your Lap App! Use it for appliqué, paper piecing, and wool work.

AND, if you don't already have a Lap App for your Perfect Press Wool Mat, now is the perfect time to get one! This small adjustable lap table provides a resting spot for your hands while you stitch appliqué and handwork.
Jinny Beyer's Memory Match Game
Have you beaten your best time on Jinny's Beyer's Memory Match game yet? Well, today is another opportunity to go and get a better one!
The Quilt Show Puzzle: Let The Light Shine Down
"Release Your Light" by Leah Day

This huge goddess quilt is one of Leah's favorites for the transformation it brought to her life. While working on it, Leah was struck with the idea to start the Free Motion Quilting Project and challenge herself to share new quilting designs every day. In this way, Release Your Light allowed Leah to release her light to the world, build a business, and support her family.

See more of Leah's quilts in Learn Machine Quilting Designs with Leah Day | How to Do Hand Embroidery with Laura Gaskin.

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