Leftovers Create a New Quilt, Cheryl See Knows Her Handwork, Barbara Black on Washing Quilts, Country Life Quilt, Sew Tites In The Store, A "Lace" Puzzle
Welcome to Wednesday - April 20, 2022
Featured Quilt - Lovely Leftovers Find New Life

Blue Bowl by Annie Hudnut was featured in the Improvisation category at Quiltcon 2022 and is a quilt that allowed Annie to raid her leftover stash and create something beautiful. She says, "My central element was a leftover piece from "Broken Clock". I wanted to find a home for several other leftovers as well. I had to use the "flame" and black spikes because sometimes nothing but spikes will do. I set this on the diagonal to provide some additional movement. It was satisfying to use up several elements which were originally created to live in other quilts."
Cheryl See Knows A Thing or Two About Handwork
Handwork to Be Hexed By

Our newest show features another of our Handwork Masters, Cheryl See. Watch and be transfixed as Cheryl opens Ricky’s eyes to hand piecing hexies and diamonds, and shows you why you should never fret when creating dog ears on the diamonds.

Learn from the Handwork Masters by watching How to Do Handwork | Handwork Masterclass Part 1 - From Piecing to Quilting.
Barbara Black on Washing Quilts
When Do You (Or Should You) Wash Your Quilts?

Barbara Black recently decided to gift some of her old sample quilts to her friends, but before she did that she felt she should wash them first. There are important things to know when washing a quilt, and Barbara is here to let you know what you should and should not do.
Museum of Texas Tech University: Country Life Quilt
From The Country to the Museum

It is always a pleasure to be contacted by a donor who would like to donate quilts in good condition and whose makers are known. This was the case with two quilts, designed by Ruby Short McKim, recently donated to the Museum of Texas Tech University by Judy Miller for the Charles Reagan Candler Family. Find out their stories and the journey they took to make it to the museum.
In The Store - Sew Tites
Have You Tried Sew Tites?

Sew Tites are magnetic "pins" that hold your fabric securely together without puncturing it. They are great for holding appliqué pieces in place or hexis together for stitching, and they hold securely enough to help keep your pieces from shifting while you sew.

The Quilt Show Puzzle: And This Cabin Was Made of Lace
"Lace Cabins" by Meg Hawkey

What is more beautiful than that first, lacy snowfall? Vintage and new laces embellish the roofs of this wintry quilters’ village by Meg Hawkey, Lace Cabins. The cabins and quilt blocks are appliquéd, the pine trees and appliqués are crayon tinted and embroidered, and then the new and vintage lace completes this beautiful picture! Easy piecing finishes this 52 1/2” x 52 1/2” quilt using neutrals and pastels.

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