Since you've got your patterns for Month 12 of the 2021 BOM, Color My World, early, Barbara Black is back early too with some tips and tricks to help you construct the Eiffel Tower and Centrepoint Tower in your quilt. As Barbara says, "The last two Skyscrapers are here! We are so close to the end of this year-long project."


Barbara also made wrote an earlier blog to help you with more information on the skyscrapers, and a note or two about adding your own personal touch as to them as well.


Click Here for more info from Barbara on the Skyscraper designs.


Click here, or the photo below, for details on Barbara's blog for Month 12.


And remember, the 2021 BOM patterns disappear at the end of this year. So remember to download and save them all before December 31, 2021!