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Name of Maker: Karlyn Bue Lohrenz

Although I love the four seasons of Montana, the winter seems to wear us

down quickly with the cold and snow.  I go to the Studio to anticipate spring.

It is easy to pull the colors of spring, shades of blue skies and green grass.

Moisture, robins coming home and we come out of hiding.

Name of Maker: Cuauhtemoc Q Kish

Interpretation of photo taken at Antelope Canyon.

Name of Maker: Cuauhtemoc Q Kish

Interpretation of photo taken at Antelope Canyon.

Name of Maker: Cuauhtemoc Q Kish

"Walking Through Fields" uses slashed silks, netting and cotton to get the effect of flowering fields.

Name of Maker: Sue Jennings

This quilt was total serendipity. It is made from the scraps from another quilt - mostly Moda Fig Tree.   I love hand applique, so I started out by drawing the central motif and then just added additional borders to the quilt.  I adore Ohio Stars and Orange Peel blocks, so added those, as well.  There was no planning involved, I am embarrassed to admit - the quilt just happened.  I added buttons and yo yo embellishments.  As the quilt is so busy, I decided to keep the quilting simple. It will probably not be everyone's cup of tea, but looking at it cheers me up!

Name of Maker: Karlyn Bue Lohrenz

Ranch life as a young girl brought "great respect" for the work in the saddle as I

rode alongside the seasoned ones.  Long days, tough rides, cattle drives through

difficult terrain but fresh air, sunrises and sunsets made for a wonderful way of

life.  My quilt is a tribute to the cowboy.

Name of Maker: Karlyn Bue Lohrenz

I have watched my husband, Harold, and this Case Track Loader work long hours and heavy loads

through the years.  The have seasoned well as they represent some of the back bone of our country

in their projects.  I am proud to introduce you to the character this machine acquired over time.

Name of Maker: Barb

Made to prove to a friend that I knew HOW to applique. Gifted to granddaughter for 2012 Christmas.

Name of Maker: Carol Moellers

Made for the McCall’s 2015 “Be Creative! Quilt Challenge”.  This quilt was selected as a finalist in the contest.  It is currently traveling around the country and appearing at the Quilt and Sewing Expo shows.  The contest was sponsored by  McCall’s Quilting and sister magazines Quilters Newsletter and Quiltmaker.   

Name of Maker: Krista Black

An E7 design that looked good. Disappointingly, the optical illusion does not show up, except in the photo. The overall design can't be appreciated except from a distance. It is still growing on me.

Name of Maker: Krista Black

Made in Chris Timmins Take Six class in 2012. The first of my tops quilted on my new Sweet16 this year, in time for our guild quilt show. The name "Nimbin" reflects the rainbow colors, and refers to the "hippy" community of Nimbin in Queensland.

Name of Maker: Karen Woomer

Sedona Star block of the Month.  I changed it a little and did not put in the outside embroidery.  Won first place at Ozarks Piecmaker Quilt Guild show Sept 8-10, 2016.

Name of Maker: Brenda S Roach

Once again I was asked to create a mini-quilt for the silent auction at IQA's International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Here is this year's creation.  Its name is Spot On! and, with the exception of the binding, all of the fabrics either have dots/spots on them or I quilted them on.  It was fun to make!

Name of Maker: Geneva Carroll

This quilt was made using the 24 hand dyed fat quarters I dyed in August.  This simple design showcases the colors.  This quilt has been accepted to the Quiltfest Oasis in Palm Springs in October.   

Name of Maker: Barb Gabriel

I took Ann Shaw's class on chickens last year.  It showed me a new way of doing paper piecing without sewing through the paper.  I love purple and orange together.  Love how the eye turned out as well.  

Name of Maker: Cris Rohn Hartman

This is a french braid quilt from the book French Braid Quilts by Jane Hardy Miller.   In December I had foot surgery and was very limited in my ability to have my foot down for about 4  months.  Since I had to keep my right foot up, I learned to to sew left footed.  I pulled fabrics from my stash for both the quilt top and back.  I counted my blessings that I had quilting (and a fabric stash) in my life to help me pass the time during my recovery...thus the title.

Name of Maker: Vicki Hutter

This quilt was made using Tri-Rec tools and was very easy to piece.  The pattern is from "Best of Fons and Porter Star Quilts".  It is machine pieced and quilted.

Name of Maker: Carol Ann Freda

This quilt began as a tribute to the Lone Star quilt that started my passion for making quilts. About 30 years ago, I walked into Eddies quilt shop in Edina, Minnesota with a piece of fabric I loved and a picture of this Lone Star quilt I wanted to make. I was as novice as one could get. The kind person at the shop, introduced me to the world of quilts by suggesting i might enjoy taking a sampler quilt class they had. This was before rotary cutters, paper piecing and the multitude of wonderful rulers that assist us in creating and designing the quilts of today. Needless to say, I signed up for the class and thus began my life long journey and passion for this world of quilts and quilters. 30 years later, I  still had never made a Lone Star quilt. The one that had sparked my passion for quilts! This quilt has the Lone Star that started my journey. 

Name of Maker: Anne-marie Tye

This quilt is based on the wall on the edge of my garden in the Orkney Islands, which are off the north coast of Scotland in the British Isles which are, in turn, off the coast of Europe.  However, do any of us feel we are on the edge of something/somewhere or do we all live at the centre of our worlds?

My initial sketch was copied onto fabric and then painted with fabric paints before being quilted.  It was horrible to quilt as the paint was so thick.

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