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Name of Maker: MaryAnne Jarvin

Our granddaughter's parents wanted a high contrast quilt for their first child because of the studies that show this kind of image stimulates baby's eyesight and brain development. 

Name of Maker: Betty Jo Tatum

MQX NE 2016 has called for quilts in their Alfred Shaheen Vintage Panel exhibit and I decided to make one just for relaxed fun.  After it was finished, I decided to enter it into the juried part of the show because I liked the way it came out and they waived the entry fee, so why not.  I found my beautiful linen panel online and designed the borders around it.  I was fortunate to find exactly the right solid colors for the borders, and so I quilted, then painted the light green border.  The dark green border is my first venture into ruler work for a show quilt, since all I did was make a row of touching circles using Lisa Calle's new circle rulers with my Bernina 830.  They are hard to see, but I quilted in a frog, a pig, a parrot, and a flying bird in the white background of the central panel and then did a circular twirl fill with that.  Fun to make...since I'm competing against some of the country's best quilters, I would be really surprised if it wins anything, but that's ok.  It makes me happy.  This quilt will be available for purchase on my shop after it finishes its show season (it will be shown in the fall MQX also).

Name of Maker: Wilma Brock

This table runner was made with a group of friends, as we explored surface design; print making with shiva sticks, foiling, embossing, and fabric painting with fabric paints and Inktense blocks. Each leaf block started out as a plain white fabric. I was also reading Jean Wells book "Journey to Inspired Art Quilting" so I made the alternate blocks with her curved piecing method. We gave ourselves "permission to play" and it was a lot of fun!

Name of Maker: Carol Ann Freda

I have always found Michael James strip pieced quilts an inspiration. When I saw Louisa L. Smith's book Strips and Curves, it inspired me to make this quilt.

My mother made a quilt for each of my 3 children and gave me the left over fabric for the quilt she made for my daughter. She was always an excellent seamstress, yet started quilting after I took it up. It is wonderful being able to share our passion for quilting together.

I had always wanted to do a quilt that included black and white fabric with colored fabric. I love the contrast and reflections of the combination. I also enjoy quilt projects where the creativity continues throughout the quilt making process. 

I strip pieced the fabrics, then made Drunker's Path combinations and inset circles using the pieced strips and whole cloth "Fussy cut" images from the fabric. I then played around on my design wall with the arrangement of the squares. I added the striped extensions and  appliquéd animals that expanded the animals into and off the edge of the quilt.

Name of Maker: JerryC.

Just finished Carol Ann Waugh's Stupendous Stitching class on Craftsy and fell in love. What a great technique to relax and just let your mind go. She's a fantastic instructor and I enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait to do more of these. Highly encourage anybody looking for something fun and not fiddly to give this a shot! I call it Convergence for many reasons that are too long to get into here

Name of Maker: Carol Ann Freda

This is a BOM from a 1998 Peacemakers Calendar that included a BOM for each month to complete the calendar quilt. 

The blocks blended together between the blocks. The lines of the background were matched together and some appliqué  was added between two blocks after they were completed. It was hand quilted after the whole top was completed.

Name of Maker: Karen Snedeker

This quilt is a wall hanging I made for a  friend who loves peacocks.  She and I met through Mah Jongg so the Asian theme is perfect for her - we are Birds of a Feather!  The center was a purchased panel that I quilted heavily on my domestic machine, adding borders and appliques for accent.  

Name of Maker: Jessica singleton

This is very scrappy quilt. tiny scraps are pieced into one long 2 in wide strip. The strip was then sewn into strip sets, which where then used to cut the large quarter- square triangles. 

Name of Maker: Flora May Kercheval

This is a postage stamp quilt with appliqué in the middle.

Name of Maker: Carol Freda

I made this quilt back in the late 90's.The center medallion was pieced first, then sat in my UFO box for a couple years. I had enjoyed drafting it, and decided to complete it with stars drafted from octagon wedges. It is an original design, drafted on graph paper using plastic mylar templates for all the star pieces. They were "fussy cut" and sewn together. The rest of the design followed after. 

Medallion quilts are enjoyable for me, as you start with a spark of inspiration and build on it throughout the quilt making process.

It is a throwback, I got a laugh out of Pantone's color (s) of the year this year...yep I've done that back in the day, twice actually in my beginning quilt days. 

I am sure I got the basic octagon wedge from Jinny Beyer's book The Quilters Album of Blocks & Borders. A wonderful reference and source of inspiration.

Name of Maker: Linda Ames

This quilt is 102 inches x 104 inches.   It is double batted with Hobbs Heirloom Premium Wool and a layer of Legacy Bamboo Blend Batting on the back.  The whole thing is flannel.  She's pretty heavy!  I expect it will be warm during cold winter nights.

I designed the quilt using Electric Quilt 7.  It's a simple pattern that shows off the quilting well and went together quickly.  The backing is a lovely tone-on-tone in grey, which I used in one of the borders then feathered around it to frame the inside medallion.  

I used Glide Cool Grey on both front and back.  Glide has become my 'Go To' for most of my quilting.  It's strong and doesn't cause a lot of dust or breakage during the stitch-out.  992,861 stitches in this baby and not one break! The quilt was finished using my Statler by Gammill combined with some ruler work.  The designs (and - of course - my inspiration) came from Bill Hibbett and Karen McTavish  (both from Legacy Quilting) and Christy Dillon from MyCreativeStitches.com.  I also used a Digitech Patterns from the Heart of my Heart collection in each of the corners, pulling together the outside borders.  

Name of Maker: Carol Freda

This quilt started out as a geometric doodle I did on graph paper. I wanted to make a "Modern Quilt". I refined it, so that it could be machine pieced. It was challenging, but doable. Adding to the difficulty was the black and white wavy background, which I needed to align and match  across the quilt.

I included the "Flying Geese" traditional blocks in the "Modern" pieced design. It reminds my son of when the planets align. This quilt certainly challenged my skills in conjoining, so I call it "Conjunction".

Name of Maker: Carol Freda

I made this quilt after watching a "Simply Quilts show episode. I took fabric from my stash that matched a love seat I had at the time. Alex Anderson instructed us to cut a bunch of different fabrics into 2 inch squares, then put them in a bag and shake them up. Then pull out a square and lay it out in a square grid, as they are picked. I only changed 3 squares positions once I had done this. I then expanded the quilt, by adding the larger squares, rectangles and an inner border. To finish, I hand quilted each square with a different design for each fabric. 

This quilt has been hanging over our changing T.V.'s for the last 13 or 14 years (Date made uncertain). I've made quite a few quilts since then, many more technically challenging, but this is one of my favorites.

Red Delicious by Esther Aliu
Name of Maker: Esther Aliu

'Red Delicious' was my first BOM! Celebrating all the red things in life which I love. 

This quilt generated so much interest that it inspired me to start my own Yahoo BOM Group! That Group has since moved over to become a Facebook Group, and it all started with this simple and lovely red design. 


Name of Maker: Chip Styles

This is a quilt made for the son of a friend from t-shirts he gathered will on holidays.  The quilt his machines pieced and quilted.

Name of Maker: Sandra Thomas

This is my first Dresden plate quilt; the blocks are 20" square.  The plates are machine appliqued using a blanket stitch.  I also made the pillow shams.  I am usually drawn to earth tones so working with these colors was a bit out of my element but I really enjoyed the challenge.  

Name of Maker: NA

The image is a wild tree sent against a fiery sunset.

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