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Name of Maker: Anne-marie Tye
Made as part of the Elements Challenge of the Contemporary Quilt Group of the UK.  An abstract expression of the elements of our earth: metal, solid and molten rock etc.  
Gelli printed on white cloth and then pieced and appliqued together before being overpainted with Fabrico markers in places.
Name of Maker: Judy Leathers Audrey Arno
A quilt honoring Military Service Dogs donated to Quilt Alliance for the "Animals We Love" contest/exhibition/auction. Audrey Arno pieced the background and I appliqued the German Shephard. It is the second of two quilts we made and donated to the cause. Voting by Quilt Alliance members starts Friday, May 22nd. 
Name of Maker: NA
This quilt started as a sketch.  I was inspired by my friend's picture of a southern lady in her finery and large hat.  I used a lot of Laura Wasilowski's hand dyed fabrics as well as beads and thread painting to embellish the scene.  
my-diary-quilt - front
Name of Maker: Heather V
This is one of the first quilts I started. It is a sampler quilt, guided by Mimi Dietrich's book, "Quilter's Diary in Stitches." The centers of the blocks are all hand pieced, but the setting triangles & quilt top assembly was done by machine. The quilting was done by a long arm quilter. It was first started in 2009, and finally quilted in 2014. The quilt also includes one antique quilt block, from a quilt made by my great-grandmother. This is the center white block in the top row of blocks. 
Name of Maker: Heather V
This is a Storm at Sea setting, in an original coloring design (by me). It's symbolic of what it means to me to be a Christian, how only by loving one another and helping each other can we overcome hard times and get through the dark times of our lives, and that we can only do that by first receiving the love of Christ for us.  The quilt is 39" x 39", home machine pieced & home machine quilted. 
Name of Maker: jadugas
From a photo of my football player grandson. His number is on his jersey. The number on his helmet is in memory of a fallen team member.
Name of Maker: jadugas
A bug just hanging out on the sunflowers.
Name of Maker: jadugas
Dupioni silk background, a tree and buttons.
Name of Maker: jadugas
Quilt using my always growing scrap pieces.
Name of Maker: jadugas
Fabric collage for my nephew & his family's move from the coast to the mountains depicting his two children.
Name of Maker: Jennifer
A wall hanging created for a friend.  Design by Toni Whitney
Name of Maker: Heather Long
After living in the tropics for many years I have come to love the beauty in the Orchid flower. I decided to try and create a quilt using the Orchid flower and Indigo fabric. I wanted all the fabrics to be pieced so I decided that paper piecing was the best way to attempt this quilt. Working with each petal I mapped out the position of the 5 fabrics that I wanted to use in the orchid. I drew many lines on the paper until I had filled the petal and was able to paper piece the entire petal. The petals were then bound with the light blue fabric to give the outline that I could see in the original photo. The flower petals were sewn together and the centre was appliqued into place. I appliqued the entire flower onto a piece of raw silk and finished it off with machine quilting in the flower. I hand quilted the background with silk thread and incorporated blue beads to give the background some texture. The quilt is bound with the silk fabric and the light blue where the orchid meets the eadge of the quilt.
Name of Maker: Georgia Andrews
"Mother and Child"  Fused applique portrait quilt with threadpainting and free motion quilting. I'm not overly proud of this work - but certainly proud of my daughter & granddaughter! Started shortly after Zara was born June 2011 - so many frustrations, delays, avoidances, restarts, etc. Finally finished . . . shortly before Zara turns 4! LOL! I certainly bit off more than I could chew in 2011 - would have tackled the piece quite differently if starting now, but it represents where I was at the time and celebrates a fabulous occasion.
Name of Maker: makesgeese
What makes me happy?  My fabric stash does, and a needle and thread, and the time I spent stitching on this quilt. I hand pieced and hand appliqued this quilt from the pattern, "Blessings", by Robyn Falloon.  

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