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Name of Maker: Janet Knapp


Being encouraged for many years by my husband to design a quilt, I began my adventure. As I designed the center block I envisioned an entirely different quilt…certainly not a center block and 12 circles (each made up of 97 pieces of fabric). Quilting done by Judi Madsen using two shades of Kimono silk thread. Two Battings were used:  Hobbs 82/20 and a blended batting of cotton/wool.

Name of Maker: Kathy McNeil

Celtic Fox

The Celtic fox symbolized a need to think quickly, to employ cleverness and wisdom. Often described as cunning, that word comes from “Kenning”, meaning to know and understand. Shape-shifters, illuminated by the moon, they are associated with transformation and the need to take a new approach to our lives. Silent and Swift, Owls are the Crone Goddess’s  messengers, helping to unmask those who would deceive or harm you. Rabbits are connected to the moon and femininity. They talk to us about conceiving new ideas and holding them in our hearts. In Ireland eating a hare was like eating your own grandmother. 

The quilting on the Moon was the most difficult part of this quilt. Three books and Youtube finally helped me to draw that celtic knot work design.

Name of Maker: Karin Miller

This is my first commission quilt - made for my department director's four-year old granddaughter.

Name of Maker: Sharon Engel

This quilt took 5 years, off and on, to complete.  I did the setting completely different than the original pattern, and love the result.  It just received Grand Champion at our county fair and will be attending our Colorado State Fair.  We had two judges and was is a nationally certified judge, Chris Brown, who gave me and Award of Merit, which is a HUGE honor. 

Name of Maker: Janet Hartje

This was my entry for the Cherrywood Fabrics Challenge.  Didn't make it but at least I tried.

Name of Maker: NA

This quilt definitely told me how it wanted to be made.  I worked on it off and on over five years.  Finally, a year ago I decided to get her finished.  I did the setting completely different from the pattern.  When the top was finished the gold squares were blank so I made 20 4 1/2" squares, like barn quilts, and appliqued them onto the quilt and it really that little something to this quilt.  It just won Grand Champion at our county fair and was also awarded an Award of Merit by one of the judges who is a national judge. 

Name of Maker: NA

This quilt has been in the works for over 5 years, off and on.  Finally in 2015 I decided to finish the dang thing.  This quilt definitely told me how to make it, and very loudly.  I did the setting very different from the pattern and am thrilled out it turned out.  It just received Grand Champion at our local county fair and will be entered in the Colorado State Fair in 2 weeks.  It also received an Award of Merit from the judge, who is a national judge.  I am very honored and love this quilt.

Name of Maker: NA

I have had this pattern over 5 years and have worked off and on, but in 2015 I decided to get the dang thing finished.  However, I was stumped as to embroidery.  The pattern called for silk ribbon, which I did not want to attempt, so I decided to use variegated embroidery floss and embellish that way.  I LOVE how this quilt turned out.  You know how a quilt tells you how to make it, this quilt definitely spoke to me and at me, hehe.  I didn't like the setting of the pattern and played around with the blocks with scrap fabrics to play with and come up with this idea.  When I finished the top the gold squares were empty and blah, so it told me to make barn quilt squares, which I appliqued on.  It ended up being a fun quilt.  I am proud to say it just received Grand Champion in our local and also one of the judges is a national judge and she gave it an Award of Merit, to which I am extremely honored.  She will be going to our State Fair in 2 weeks.

Name of Maker: Sue Jennings

I love medallion quilts.  I think it is because I find multiple borders make a quilt interesting.  I also enjoy the math and the challenge of getting everything to fit.  This is fairly small, but was great fun to make.  I used some fabric I had in my stash.  I haven't decided whether to use it as a table topper or a wall hanging.

Name of Maker: Linda Rinehard

This is my interpretation of the pattern Forever Blooming by Pearl Pereira of P3 Designs.  She first offered this pattern in monthly installments before publishing it.  The pattern calls for a light background, but I thought the deep navy really made the colors come out.  The background is a navy batik with white spots, that reminds me of stars - hence the name Night Blooms.  This quilt won Best of Show at our local quilt guild and the Oklahoma State Fair in 2015.

Name of Maker: Betty Jo Tatum

My Hoffman Challenge 2016 quilt.  This quilt represents a happy summer day in a slightly enchanted forest.  It is entirely made with some form of applique.  I applipieced/pieceliqued the sky, grassy ground, mountains, and path together.  All the trees, flowers and butterflies are stitched raw edge applique, and the birds and animals are embroidered on nylon veil and then appliqued onto the quilt. The flower centers are beaded and the birds and animals have hot fix crystals for their eyes.  Free motion quilted.

Name of Maker: Candy Prudhomme

Block taught in workshop.

Name of Maker: Candy Prudhomme

English paper piecing, 1/2-inch hexagons using freezer paper and Crayola template. Papers and hexagons traced and cut out by hand. Started in 2009. Hand appliqued to border;  machine quilted around each flower and each center; faced edging instead of binding.

Name of Maker: Candy Prudhomme

Redwork design from The Red Book, Diane Arthurs, one strand floss.

Name of Maker: Candy Prudhomme

Used leftover blocks from Gelato table runner. Small blocks--technique demonstrated by Alex Anderson on The Quilt Show, Episode 910.

Name of Maker: Candy Prudhomme

Improv piecing, using Fibonacci numbers for spacing. Spider web quilting with Superior Silver Metallic Thread.

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