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Name of Maker: Magaret WesW
Boneyard Beach - Hunting Island State Park - The quilt is based on a photo I took of a large uprooted tree/turned to driftwood at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina. The park is known for its driftwood collections. I wanted to capture the different textures of the tree bark, roots, plants and sand. At a Ricky Tims\' individual workshop retreat in La Veta, Ricky suggested using the Scribble Applique technique. You cut out your applique shapes and glue them to a background fabric. You sew them on by "scribble quilting" around the edges. This creates raw edge applique with raveled edges - outlined by the dark fabric backing that is allowed to show through. I added an extra layer of wool batting under the tree and roots and then a cotton batting for the whole quilt. Different color layers of tulle were placed over the sand and shadows to create shading effects. An interesting technique that I\'ll want to try on some other projects.?
Name of Maker: Cuauhtemoc Kish
Portrait of Frida Kahlo.
Name of Maker: Cindy Rainey
This wallhanging was machine embroidered on silk dupioni, then borders added.  This was quilted (all free motion) with silk thread, on a gammill longarm quilting machine.  Beading and other embellishments were added after quilting was finished.  
Name of Maker: Karen Grover
This is a quilt I had thought about for a couple of years, but just didn't hav an inspiration.  My inspiration for the layout came from an embroirery magazine that randomly arrived in the mail.  I dyed the green and tangerine fabrics so I could achieve the gradations I wanted and then found the printed fabric to use with it that matched.  How often does that happen!  I also usded piping along each of the stems.  That was a great idea, but not easy to accomplish.  I tried several ways until I finally got the look I wanted. 
Name of Maker: Mike Ellingsen
This was the 2014 TQS Block-of-the-Month - and I loved making it. It contained way more appliqué than is in my comfort zone - and the quilting took much longer than I expected - but it was a pleasure to work on throughout the entire journey.
Name of Maker: Elizabeth Smith
My niece wanted teal & chocolate for her wedding quilt. I felt a simple quilt design would be better for these colors. It really shows off the exquisite quilting done by my very talented friend Esther Abshier.
Name of Maker: Bonnie Lewis
Rufous Hummer is my design for a 19 x 21 inch wall quilt using hummingbird and flower pattern from Jane Townsend's book, Applique Takes Wing.  Although her book features hand applique, and I have made this bird 5 times by hand, this time I chose to do fused machine applique.  It turns out beautiful either way.  I also tried a couple of new to me techniques, including the  micro stippling using a decorative stitch on my new Bernina, two layers of cotton batting, rinse away stabilizer under the appliques, and the borders were appliqued on and mitered at the corners. 
Name of Maker: Lenore Guajardo
A St. Joseph Banner Quilt that I was asked to make for my parish.  I began researching and found this image which I purchased and had enlarged to a banner size....I made my patterns, gathered up my fabrics and began construction.  I painted the faces, hands and feet with Inks.  It was then quilted, and the binding finished the project.  It took me approximately 1 year to make.  I used batiks fabrics. 
Name of Maker: Mary Gillette
This small wallhanging was inspired by the block project that Debby Schnabel contributed in the TQS Projects section (no printable pattern, just instructions on how to achieve the project), after I went to her webpage and looked at her quilts.  I chose the Scripture verse and stitches that I wanted to hand embroider onto it based on what the cross means to me, as well as choosing the free-motion quilting to convey that my Source is Jesus and what He did on that cross...His holiness...and that we have a connection that is unbroken.  The embroidered Scripture speaks my heart as to how that connection is possible and stays unbroken.  It was a gift to my best friend, who not only shares my love of quilting, but also a faith in Jesus.
Name of Maker: unknown
This quilt top from the 1930s-40s was purchased at the Dallas Quilt Show in the mid 1990s. I finally made the back and marked the quilting with a design I found in American Patchwork & Quilting (Feb 2014). I am part of a group of 11 women who meet weekly to hand quilt on a frame--we go from one home to another and work on one person's quilt until it is done. Raspberry Sorbet is a Burgoyne Surrounded pattern and was finished in the Fall of 2014. I almost hated to sandwich it and quilt it, because the original maker hand pieced the entire top with the tiniest, most perfect stitches I have ever seen.
Name of Maker: Marie Moore
This quilt was made in honor of my cousin Kathleen's retirement. This is a fast and easy double four patch.
Name of Maker: Vicky LaValley
The stars were made using the binding tool as a template. I used 2 jelly rolls for the stars and yardage for the background.
I got the pattern from the Missoui Star Quilt Co. online.
It was machine pieced by me and long armed quilted using varigaded thread by Barbara Krantz of Great Falls, Mt.
It is 96"x88".
Name of Maker: Geneva Carroll
Hallways was made to celebrate the wedding of my niece and her husband.  Thier last name is Hall.  The top curved hallway was inspired by a fabric on a booth at a local resturant.  I purchased only the background and backing for this quilt.  All other fabrics were from my stash.  It measures 40" x 31".
Name of Maker: Janna Markle
This was a quilt i made for my daughter, Taryn.  She is full of life and brightness and this quilt is her personality.
Brú na Bóinne
Name of Maker: Randa Mulford
I began this quilt in a workshop with Gloria Loughman, "Playing on the Surface." The technique she was teaching was to divide up the area of the quilt top into sections with gently curving lines, then to construct and embellish each section separately, reassembling all the sections before quilting. Although the design was intended to be abstract, as I worked on mine, the contours reminded me more and more of the hills and neolithic site at Newgrange, Ireland, which I had visited only a few days earlier. So the finished product became a rather abstract landscape of that area, with sprials and carved stones, the flowing river, and the many shades of green in the meadows and hills around the site.
Norðurljós (Northern Lights)
Name of Maker: Randa Mulford
In a workshop on Gloria Loughman's "luminous sky" tiling techniques, I wanted to try something other than a sunset, so I settled on northern lights (aurora borealis), reflected in the ocean along the coastline in Iceland. In addition to the raw-edge applique of the tiling, there's a lot of threadwork on the aurora, to soften or blur the rectangle edges of the tiles a bit.
Name of Maker: Anabeth Dollins
Inspired by Kawandi quilts made by Siddi of western India. Fabrics used are from Slovakia, France, Indonesia, and the US.

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