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Name of Maker: Judy Leathers

 Sophie, breaking through the canvas. Photo of Sophie by owner, Melanie Smith (used with permission). Photo transfer,thread painting, fabric paints, quilted by machine. Applied to wrapped canvas.     

Name of Maker: Barbara Campbell

Designed using a panel of fabric designed by Alfred Shaheen. This was done as a challenge for the April 2016 Machine Quilter's Expo in Manchester, NH. The exhibit showcased many different panel designs all quilted and finished differently according to the designer's vision. I chose to applique velour pandas and green bamboo leaves onto the black & white bamboo panel. Background quilting mimics bamboo stalks & leaves. Though I used a preprinted panel, I designed the rest of the quilt.

Name of Maker: Jane Sahr

this quilt is an original design tree-skirt, except for the Angels, baby Jesus, etc & etc. It has 8 triangle panels , each having a fabric picture of the typical characters of the nativity scene. 

Name of Maker: Cuauhtemoc Q Kish

"Dance floor: Orlando" is a tribute to the fallen victims of the recent Orlando massacre. It was designed so that we never forget these innocent victims.

Name of Maker: Enice Burke

Baby quilt, materials were picked by his mother to match his room colors. I made the blocks to best fit the fabric 

Name of Maker: EDIE PHILLIPS

This is the forth in my series of confetti pieced seasonal quilts. I took a picture of my husband and our Bernese mountain dogs on the beach.  I changed the season and added our home. In the tree line I used dryer sheets to get the foggy look. Again there is bags and bags of confetti pieces . I quilted the whole thing with embroidery threads. can you find the rabbit and deer?

Name of Maker: Marion Dowell

This was made for my Italian Exchange Student.  The colors are his favorites.  Some of the blocks have meaning:  Card Trick, because he liked to play cards and he could do card tricks, Jacob's Ladder because that is my husband's name, Marion's Choice because that is my name, Cat's Cradle because the cat loved being in his room.  I also found some blocks entitled Roman Stripe, Roman Cross, and Italian Tiles.  He is a typical Italian:  he was appalled not only that we put pineapple in pizza, but also hamburgers, chicken burgers, roast ham...so there was no choice but to put 4 large Pineapple blocks in the corners!

Name of Maker: Sharon Cumiskey

I designed this quilt based on a Missouri Star  wall hanging by Jenny Doan.  I wanted it to be larger and more accurately represent Old Glory.  I used math to determine the best size trapezoid template to give me the overall proportions.  I used small white trapezoids to be suggestive of stars instead of using real stars.

I intended it to be for the Quilts of Valor program, but it is too big.  I will be gifting it to a Vietnam Vet who still suffers today from injuries sustained almost 50 years ago. 

Name of Maker: Candy Prudhomme

Pieced Christmas quilt. Superior Mono-Poly thread, echo quilting in tree blocks. Star thread (trees) and Yenmet thread (snowflakes), free-motion quilting in border. Pieced back.

Name of Maker: Suzanne Becker

This was the last Geisha I created, the third was given to friends so I don't have it to post here.

Name of Maker: Suzanne Becker

the second quilt created out of four different Geishas.

Name of Maker: Carol Moellers

This quilt consists of 281 - 9-patches and over 500 different fabric scraps. It was a UFO for over 13 years. The 9-patches were part of an exchange I did with friends years ago. I found them about a month ago as I was cleaning out a closet. A lost treasure that brought back so many good memories of wonderful quilting friends. I wanted to incorporate the friendship star block in it some way and so after doing lots of playing in EQ7 this is what I designed. Paths of friendship crossing and intertwining, memories that will be forever cherished in this 93 x 93 quilt.

Name of Maker: Janet Knapp


Being encouraged for many years by my husband to design a quilt, I began my adventure. As I designed the center block I envisioned an entirely different quilt…certainly not a center block and 12 circles (each made up of 97 pieces of fabric). Quilting done by Judi Madsen using two shades of Kimono silk thread. Two Battings were used:  Hobbs 82/20 and a blended batting of cotton/wool.

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