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Name of Maker: Leslie Vaskey McNeil
Izaak, the Bloomin' Bighorn is an original quilt designed by me, featuring a fusible, floral collaging technique.  I chose a color theme of peachy pinks, turquoise blues and warm chocolate browns for Izaak.  He lays in his meadow in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, which is a lovely piece of hand dyed fabric by Vicki Welsh.

Machine Quilted by myself.

Name of Maker: Theresa
Back in the 1970's, my dad was mayor of our town in Western New York.  His picture was in the newspaper often and my mom didn't want dad to be seen in the same boring tie so she made over 30 ties for him.  After 35 years, I found these ties in a box and made this beautiful quilt with them.  My dad passed away 3 years ago so it's even more special to me. It is, indeed, a family heirloom.
Name of Maker: Monique De Canne
First quilt made with combination of different techniques like trapunto by machine,handembroidery and handappliqué.
Name of Maker: Nancy Park
Made for my neice, first applique quilt I ever made.
Name of Maker: Dasha Korolova
The Nutcracker Ballet is my favorite. This mini quilt was made for the competition. You can see more photo and details in my blog http://korolevskie-zabavu.blogspot.com/
Name of Maker: JOAN BROWN
Very scrappy 60 x 60 using random scraps from the stash.
Name of Maker: Rita Connolly
This quilt was made from various orphan blocks.  I quilted it on a Bernina 750QE.  
Name of Maker: Jean Harrison
This small quilt was made following the passing of my husband.   It is a personal narrative expressing the future that is unknown to me, but I press on believing that I will remain in familiar environs and embrace new ones as time goes by.

This quilt is stretched on canvas bars.
Name of Maker: Sherrie Cahill
Original design based on a photo I took of a Clouded Leopard at the Nashville Zoo . Raw edge, fusible applique , freemotion machine embroidery, shading on clouded leopard with Tsukineko inks, cotton and wool battings used.
Name of Maker: Janet Henshaw
2014 BOM
Name of Maker: Georgia Andrews
"Marmalade Sky" - Great Blue Heron at sunset - constructed with a combination of fused applique, traditional piecing and free motion stitching. Commercial cottons and recycled fabrics. Inspired by a photograph by Janis Morrison, Fresh Air Photography, by permission.
Name of Maker: Ellen K. McBurney
I'm so excited about this quilt; was accepted into the MQX juried show in April '2015..  My first juried show.  This is a foundation pieced quilt and I used my fabric stach to make this quilt.  I was not tempted to buy new fabric and for me that is an accomplishment.  Maybe everybody who looks at my quilt will wish me luck and maybe or maybe not I'll win something; wouldn't that be exciting.   Hugs to all....Ellen
Name of Maker: Ellen K. McBurney
This wall hanging was inspired by Libby Lehman.  It is my third attempt at her ribbons technique.  The more I play with this technique the more I love it ! 

  ebay.com/itm/181682883697?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 One very important factor about this piece is that the honors go to Libby Lehman for teaching how to do this technique. Part of the proceeds will go toward the Libby Lehman Medical Fund.   Hugs....Ellen.
Name of Maker: Carol Deards
Dogs have long been human companions, bred to create canines much different than the wolf ancestors of thousands of years ago.  And yet, we get glimpses now and again of their wild heritage.  The trappings of domestication fade as they chase a rabbit or shred a stuffed toy and, just for a moment, we can hear their ancestor's haunting call before the pets we know and love are themselves again.
This portrait is of Monique, my youngest standard poodle.  She had little human contact the first few months of her life and it took her a long time to enjoy and seek human affection and contact.

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