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Name of Maker: Georgia Andrews
"Mother and Child"  Fused applique portrait quilt with threadpainting and free motion quilting. I'm not overly proud of this work - but certainly proud of my daughter & granddaughter! Started shortly after Zara was born June 2011 - so many frustrations, delays, avoidances, restarts, etc. Finally finished . . . shortly before Zara turns 4! LOL! I certainly bit off more than I could chew in 2011 - would have tackled the piece quite differently if starting now, but it represents where I was at the time and celebrates a fabulous occasion.
Name of Maker: makesgeese
What makes me happy?  My fabric stash does, and a needle and thread, and the time I spent stitching on this quilt. I hand pieced and hand appliqued this quilt from the pattern, "Blessings", by Robyn Falloon.  
Name of Maker: makesgeese
...just a fun, happy, scrappy quilt.
Name of Maker: makesgeese
I hand pieced the Mariners Compass blocks over several years on vacations in Vermont and on Cape Cod.  The Muncy, PA Historical Society owns the orignal 1855 quilt.  Two PA quilters, Neff and Youngman, drafted this pattern and reproduced the quilt.  The orignal quilt has 36 compass blocks.  Mine has 9...because "done" is fine by me!
Name of Maker: Wendy Watts
Mug rug made as part of TQS forum exchange.  Good opportunity to improve free motion quilting skills.
Name of Maker: Susan Erler
This is a quilt that I made for my brother.  It's Bonnie Hunter's pattern called Smith Mountain Morning.  I did adapt it and made piano key borders whereas her original pattern has triangles.

I didn't have enough scraps to make a scrappy one, so I used a Batik collection called Rockport from Timeless Treasures.  

Name of Maker: Michelle Goldsmith
I made this quilt for my son Jules who had been nagging me for  a quilt.  My son is an  avid reader so I thought the  bookshelf was a good choice and the colour was Jules ' choice.  It can't be seen in the photo , but the backing is a linen/cotton newsprint fabric and I thought it was an amusing compliment to the bookish theme. It does have its practical side as well,   in
summer, the newprint side is on top and in winter, the bookshelf is on top.  This was my first attempt at modern quilting, and I must say I enjoyed it immensely.Since I made the quilt about a year ago it has been washed a bit, and it actually has improved it. The simple straight line quilting is more promenent  and  the texture  is softer and more cuddly.
Minnesota's Red Berries and Vines
Name of Maker: Janice Erickson
This is my interpretation of the quilt pattern "Holly and Mistletoe" by Blackbird Designs.  Also Jan Cunningham's color rendition named ‘Mountain Holly and the Rare Red-berried Mistletoe.’  When I saw Ms. Cunningham's quilt, I fell in love with it.  It took me over two years to make my version.  It is machine pieced and needle-turn, hand applique.  I machine quilted it myself.  I love these quilts!
Name of Maker: Tammy Morel
A Wedding quilt made out of teals and whites with some pink and purple applique.  I just love doing wedding quilts, and there is never a shortage of people to gift them to, is there? This has very simple applique, and the blocks are also a very simple log cabin with no seams to match.  Have I ever told you how much I dislike piecing?  But this is so easy
Name of Maker: Nancy Park
Made for my neice, first applique quilt I ever made.
Name of Maker: Dasha Korolova
The Nutcracker Ballet is my favorite. This mini quilt was made for the competition. You can see more photo and details in my blog http://korolevskie-zabavu.blogspot.com/
Name of Maker: JOAN BROWN
Very scrappy 60 x 60 using random scraps from the stash.

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