Name: Curved Diamond Foot Warmer
Designer: Louisa Smith
Begins: September 2, 2015

("Lime, Pink and Red Flora" by Louisa Smith)

Description: Louisa Smith (Episode 1705) is sharing a fun and stunning quilt to keep your toes warm using just ONE Block!  Check out this great quilt that you can whip up for when the days get chilly! Be sure to use the BERNINA 1/4" foot to ensure that your blocks are consistently accurate.


Download Template PDF file and Instructions



Name: Blooms for Julie
Designer: Jan Magee
Begins: July 1, 2015
Description: Looking to do some fun sewing this summer?  TQS has just the answer!  Come join in the fun as we make Blooms For Julie, our Summertime Quilt Project.This updated and freshly modern quilt, designed by Jan Magee, is based on a scrappy version she made for her mother a number of years ago.  We just fell in love with the new design and know that you will too. 

The Quilt is 66" x 80" and the blocks measure 14" square.

The first of four pattern installments began on July 1.  Subsequent pattern installments air on the first of each month. 

Download our Introduction Packet to get all the yardage and other supplies you will need so you can get started right away.


View Introduction Packet (Available Now)

Part 1 (Available July 1)

Part 2 (Available August 1)

Part 3 (Available September 1)

Part 4 (Available October 1)


Description:  Ufka, also known to the Greeks as phyllo, and to the Persians as fila, dates back to early Persia.This paper-thin dough made of water, flour and oil is used for a wide range of both sweet and savory dishes in Turkey.  Making Ufka is an art and not for the faint of heart; think Strudel dough, and you get the idea. Most Turks buy it fresh at a specialty shop, but you can purchase it in the frozen food section of a Middle Eastern Market.  Ufka is a very diverse dough. When the thin layers are brushed with butter and then baked or fried, they become tender and crispy.  Fillings range widely from chopped nuts and (i.e. Baklava) to mixtures of cheese and spinach (Ispanak) or meat (Börek). 

You can also pan fry packages filled with savory fillings (like a quesadilla) for a quick meal on a weekend night.  TQS member Yasemin has generously shared her family recipe for Gözleme, which is Ufka filled with a savory meat filling.

Click here for recipe.


Name: Künefe
Designer: Lilo Bowman
Begins: April 27, 2015
Episode: 0
Price: Free
Description: Künefe is typically crafted in a small metal tray into which a piece of white Mozzarella like cheese called kaşar is placed. On top of this cheese goes some shredded phyllo dough, and the entire plate is placed on a charcoal grill to melt and crisp into perfection, at which time the sweet syrup is poured over the top to make for a delightful treat. It is best served with strong coffee or tea.





Name: Square in a Square
Designer: Sally Collins
Show: 1602
Begins: Dec. 29, 2014
Price: Free
Description: Practice your precision skills with quilter Sally Collins as she helps you master the steps of making a Square in a Square block that measures at an exact 8” finished.

View Part 1

View Part 2


Name: Show Techniques Quilt
Designer: Lauren Vlcek
Begins: Dec. 29, 2014
Price: Free
Description: Use your practice Show Techniques blocks to make this charming ‘sampler’.

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