Name: Blooms for Julie
Designer: Jan Magee
Begins: July 1, 2015
Description: Looking to do some fun sewing this summer?  TQS has just the answer!  Come join in the fun as we make Blooms For Julie, our Summertime Quilt Project.This updated and freshly modern quilt, designed by Jan Magee, is based on a scrappy version she made for her mother a number of years ago.  We just fell in love with the new design and know that you will too. 

The Quilt is 66" x 80" and the blocks measure 14" square.

The first of four pattern installments began on July 1.  Subsequent pattern installments air on the first of each month. 

Download our Introduction Packet to get all the yardage and other supplies you will need so you can get started right away.


View Introduction Packet

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


#21 SueAnnVannoy 2016-12-13 08:22
How do I download parts 1 -4 of Blooms for Julie
#20 SueAnnVannoy 2016-12-13 08:21
How do I download Parts 1 -4?
#19 sue sendelbach 2016-11-04 10:07
Just began the quilt and am having trouble making it fit. The nine patches come out 3.5 inches but the pattern says they finish at 2 x 2. So I cut them down to 2.5 wrong? Spent a lot of time on this with lots of mistakes. Please offer some help. thx
#18 Applikeeb 2016-11-01 15:56
I finished my version of Blooms for Julie. Mine is needle turned with 3-D flowers...some with Kurumi centers.

Here is my blogpost about my quilt.mindfullthings.blogspot.com/2016/09/september-omg-done.html
#17 JOHNANDERSON 2015-12-28 17:21
During the sale, the Julie Kits were shipped containing a prepaid subscription card. The card had a code for you to renew your membership for free. Do you still have the card? If you have any questions or if you lost the card, write to Rose at
#16 websandthreads 2015-10-12 17:38
I already bought my kit, but haven't started it yet. Is it possible to get the Quilter's Select and the 1-year membership that you now offer? (I bought the kit before this offer.)
websandthreads (Susan B. Russell)
#15 irenefrie 2015-10-09 16:42
Help with Borders

I have cut the 2 strips of grey fabric at 4 1/2" width and the white at 4 1/2" width, total when seamed equals 12 1/2 " (allowing 1/4" seam allowance top and bottom).

The printout of the applique design is 10" total (that's a 2" difference in the finished border).

I have made sure that the scaling of the printout is correct and measures 1".

The 'seam line' in the center measures 4" (for the white fabric)(which is what is called for if you cut each strip 4 1/2" and seam them and that's ok).

Maybe I have misread the instructions as I'm getting the 2" difference when placing the printout on the border.

Please can anyone help.

Thank you.

#14 Crafterplus 2015-09-28 19:35
I am unable to download the 3rd pattern, available September 1st. Did anyone else have the same problem.
#13 gramacoat 2015-09-14 13:49
Update - I was in error/ jumped the gun, the narrow black inside 'border" is not a border but a flange therefore not affecting the finished size. I did cut the borders long enough that I may choose to make a narrow black border verse a flange...wonder ful to be able to make personal choices !! Thanks again for the info TQS - you have a great site , helps give so many of us a "quilt fix" any time we need one.
#12 gramacoat 2015-09-12 19:55
I've almost completed the center blocks and its been a very fun challenge for me, I'll probably make a second one. I noted that the finished center blocks are 14" and the 3 borders per side,[gray,whit e,gray], finish at 4" each making the total finished borders width 12" per side , which all totaled is a finished size of 66x80 as stated. My concern is there is a narrow black border around the center section that will add to the finished size. The cut size for that border will/should be in Part 4,at least I haven't seen it yet . My guess is the black border will finish either at 1/2" or 1" . With that said the cut length of the white and gray borders MAY be to short because if the black border is finished at 1" my calculations for the finished quilt is 68x82. If I'm correct , please advise me if I'm wrong !, the cut length of the borders will be the exact length needed to finish the quilt so there's no extra length to adjust if the quilt is longer or wider. Happy quilting to all !!

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