Beautitude DoveYou've all heard of the Beatitudes. Well, ours have a slightly less heavenly bent, but are oh, so true. Maybe you could add to our list. (Keep it clean and positive.)
Here are a few Internet Beatitudes:
  • Blessed are those who give thumbs up for they are the encouragers.
  • Blessed are those that don’t mistake “Reply All” for “Reply”.
  • Blessed are those who overlook a mispelling.

And our favorite:

  • Blessed are those that realize that their life is already blessed if they have enough money for a home, a computer, internet access, and a router. 

Do you have any of your own to share?


Barbara Black's quilt, "Red and White - By the Numbers," was selected as the commemorative quilt for the Ruby Jubilee, the 40th celebration of the International Quilt Festival. Now Barbara is working on the TQS BOM 2017, "The Halo Medallion Quilt," and sharing her work with a group of friends, and in her blog, "MY JOYFUL JOURNEY: My life as a Quiltmaker and a Quilt Teacher. All things QUILT!"

She's also sharing her tips with TQS. Click here to see what she's been doing for Month 2 of The Halo Medallion Quilt.

Barbara has been using fabric from her own stash to create the quilt. Here's her top through Month 2.


Need more help with your quilt, head on over to the TQS Forum, to ask questions or get the latest tips.




The saturation of color in Lynda's quilt, Color Strips, just makes it glow. No wonder she's been teaching in Houston for years.

Star Members can watch Lynda in Show 2003: Vintage Charm Using Silk and Machine Threadwork.

ColorStripsbyLyndaFaires - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

ColorStripsbyLyndaFaires - 96 Pieces Non-Rotating

ColorStripsbyLyndaFaires - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

ColorStripsbyLyndaFaires - 35 Pieces Rotating

ColorStripsbyLyndaFaires - 96 Pieces Rotating

ColorStripsbyLyndaFaires - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


The saturation of color in Lynda's quilt, Color Strips, just makes it glow. No wonder she's been teaching in Houston for years.

Star Members can watch Lynda in Show 2003: Vintage Charm Using Silk and Machine Threadwork.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Today, Feb. 3, 2017, will mark 15 years since the initial National Wear Red Day, which was first observed to bring national attention to the fact that heart disease is the #1 killer of women, and to raise awareness of women’s heart health. Take a look at what has been accomplished by the American Heart Association in those fifteen years and learn how you can become involved.



Here's what's been accomplished.

  • Nearly 90% of women have made at least one healthy behavior change.
  • More than one-third of women has lost weight.
  • More than 50% of women have increased their exercise.
  • 6 out of 10 women have changed their diets.
  • More than 40% of women have checked their cholesterol levels.
  • One third of women have talked with their doctors about developing heart health plans.
  • Today, nearly 300 fewer women die from heart disease and stroke each day.
  • Death in women has decreased by more than 30 percent over the past 10 years.
But there is more work to be done. Click on Learn More to find out how you can celebrate the day and become involved.


Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Gabriela Cristu, 59" X 75," wool and cotton

For the first time ever, the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is going all weaving and tapestry with four exceptional exhibits of contemporary woven art. Featured at the museum from January 20 - April 16, 2017 will be:


American Tapestry Biennial (Turner and Gilliland Galleries)

American Tapestry Biennial includes 36 tapestries, featuring artists from eight countries. The works selected for the exhibition highlight the variety of artistic expression practiced today in the medium of hand woven tapestry.


Cerebral Touch: Lia Cook 1980-Now (Finlayson Gallery)

Cerebral Touch: Lia Cook 1980-Now traces Cook's artistic journey from her abstract and dimensional pieces of the 1980s; weaving inspired by Old Masters drapery from her work during the 1990s; exploration of portraiture; and finally, work completed weeks before this exhibition opens.

Be sure to scroll down and watch at least the first 3 minutes of the video on Lia's work.


Line Dufour: Fate Destiny and Self Determination (Hallway)

Line Dufour's project, Fate Destiny and Self Determination, is a collaborative tapestry project based in weaving and other fiber art methods propelled by social media. The project is a large web of small weavings that people all over the world have donated.


Elemental Tapestry: Earth, Air, Fire and Water--Tapestry Weavers West (Porcella Gallery)

Members of Tapestry Weavers West interpret the classic elements in abstraction and realism, through expressive woven art. This forceful and thoughtful exploration of volcanic hills, forest floors, and flowing rivers explodes with color and raw energy.



San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

520 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113



Kerby Smith has created a very informative tutorial that walks you through the creation of a "photo quilt block" that you can use to personalize a tote or a pillow, or just to hang on your wall. What a great Valentine gift idea for your loved one.

Star Members can learn more about Kerby in Show 702: Quilting in the Digital Age. In this show, Kerby, a professional photographer, demonstrates how to adjust a photo image with the aid of a computer program to produce a crisp, clear, true-in-color image on fabric.


Notes for BOM:

A number of people have asked if you really need 11 yards of background fabric. The answer is "YES," this is due to the amount of paper piecing in the project.

Also, the change noted below to the Month 1 pattern -  Page 4 in the Month 2: Setting the Star on point; Making Half-Square Triangles section, does not affect the fabric requirements.

In Month 2 of the TQS BOM, you will be adding a border around your Halo Star block, setting it on point, and then adding a "floater" around the on-point block. You will also be adding a half-square triangle border.

In the small 'floater' strips surrounding the Center Block Unit the pattern calls for using Light Green (G).  Our pattern tester, Carolyn Hock, substituted the Medium Green (E) as she felt it was less busy. But the choice of fabric for the floater is up to you Either way, you have enough of each fabric in your kit.

Here is an image that might make things clearer.


Don't forget to watch the instructional videos that accompany each month, hosted by Carolyn Hock. This month, Carolyn discusses thread choices for your quilt and how to deal with bobbins.
Need help with your Halo Medallion Quilt? Head on over to the TQS Forum where you can join in the fun with other quilters working on the BOM. In the Forum, you can ask questions, get answers, and trade helpful information.


Month 1 UPDATE:

An update has been made to the Month 1 pattern of the TQS BOM 2017: The Halo Medallion Quilt. The only change was to Page 4 in the Month 2: Setting the Star on point; Making Half-Square Triangles section of the fabric requirements.

Star Members may want to reprint this page to keep your pattern up to date.


The Quilting World is a perfect example of how the world should exist.  

So many different types of quilters...so many different genres of quilting...so many varieties of fabrics and shops. And yet, quilters are ok with the variety, and even enjoy viewing quilts that they wouldn't necessarily make themselves.

I could say I am totally about the primitive and wool...but in reality I love the cute...historical, Asian, vintage...and even the modern. In fact, when I venture out of my comfort zone, I actually grow as a quilter. I remember when the first QuiltCon happened and all the furor over the quilts. The discussion about modern versus art, technique driven quilts as opposed to those with negative space. And, with all the variety, there was acceptance of the differences. Now when you attend a quilt show there are many different kinds of quilts to be enjoyed by everyone.

QuiltWorks in Bend, Oregon has a little show of modern quilts and I really enjoyed seeing them, especially my friend Kim's quilt...I know how much work she put into that quilt!  I hope you enjoy the slide show.
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow



Another stunning exhibit at Road to California 2017 included Traditional quilts. Here are just a few of the beautiful entries.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


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Show #1912 - Rosa Rojas 

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